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Our Work

Forging is an old world technique used to manipulate and form iron material. We expose iron to high heat in a forge and then hand craft the material by hammering the iron to form various "S" scrolls and textures. We are a custom shop that incorporates old world techniques with modern designs. Our designs can accommodate any of our customer's request, be it simple or elaborate. We can design items specifically for the customer, as well as using standard designs. Our finish applications may be custom or standard. Our standard finish applications are as follows: bronze, rubbed bronze, patina, gold Venetian finish, and pewter finish.

Services Provided

All estimates are free, you can call for an appointment or fax your specifications.

Fabrication time varies per project. We take on site measurements and templates only. Most of the fabrication is done at the shop.

Delivery and Installation
Upon completion we will contact you to schedule delivery and or installation.